Friday Five – Pointless accessories

Accessories vary wildly from functional/essential to the whimsical add-ons that ‘finish off’ an outfit. While I love a bit of jewellery and consider my handbag to be an additional organ here are the bits and bobs that really don’t float my boat:

Clutch bags – You have to clamp it under your arm like you are trying to hide a giant sweat patch and can’t do anything with it if you fancy a dance. Annnoying, impractical and pointless.

Scarves – Not useful woolly winter ones but fancy ‘indoor scarves’ that people drape around themselves or tuck into jumpers like an instant polo neck. I get tangled up in them, they make my neck itch, and they look too flouncy.

Patterned tights – There is no need to adorn your legs in patterns and colours; they make even skinny foal legs look a but chunky.

Face jewellery – Eyebrows, lips, noses and tongues just don’t need jazzing up with a bit of bling. From a distance they can be mistaken for peculiar facial growths.

Fake Glasses –  As someone who is pretty much blind I don’t understand why you would want to give yourself the two little red bumps on either side of your nose.

Ones that almost made the top five include: dangly bracelets which drive me insane; chockers which are making a tragic comeback; and elastic headbands which always ping off my pea-sized head.

I’d love to hear yours…




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