Friday Five – Preserving your suntan

You have spent hours lounging in the sun, slapping on cream and working on a nice natural golden glow but what happens when the sun goes in?

Autumn is around the corner but you are not yet ready to let go of all that hard effort by shoving it under a chunky knit. MH900438397

Here are some top tips for holding onto a bit of colour for as long as possible:

1. Top it up

Once you have a tan then topping it up is a no brainer. Keep lapping up the suns rays whenever possible though, unless you are off for some September sun, you may just be praying for an Indian summer.

2. Avoid peeling

When you go on holiday and see people with patches of bright pink skin, that is the worst effects of peeling. It leaves you raw and removes a layer of tan. Suntans are thirsty so slather up with gallons of moisturiser. Invest in a decent body cream –  I like coconut scent as it reminds me of holidays long after the summer has gone. Aftersun is essential for freshly burnt skin as it hydrates, soothes and cools.

3. Stay hydrated

As well as slapping hydration on the outside, drinking lots of water will help you to keep hold of a tan. Skin cells need water to retain their moisture and elasticity and staying hydrated will prevent dry skin and, ultimately the fine lines and wrinkles that can be caused from sunbathing

4. Avoid scrubs and exfoliants.

These are great for renewing skin cells but some of them are abrasive and take a layer off your skin. Reduce their use to once a fortnight while you are tanned and use scrubs with a gentle abrasion.

5. Fake on top

Now is the ideal time to use fake tan, especially if you are fair-skinned. Streaks and patches are less visible and you can slap on another layer of sunshine even if the clouds are out, without going on a dangerous sunbed. For a gradual tan, use a tinted moisturiser with tan accelerant.


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