The miracle of beauty sleep

I love finding cheap and easy ways to feel good and boost my beauty regime and nothing excites me more than something free.

Lovely beauty sleep

Lovely beauty sleep

After a week of feeling tired and sluggish I have noticed how much worse I look and how much more critical I am of my reflection. There is a definite parity between the mind and body and I need more sleep.

There is science behind the concept of beauty sleep. A study by Swedish scientists has found that people look visibly better after eight hours sleep. Most people need eight hours a night though we rarely get it and I am a horrible person when I am exhausted (and/or hungry) and struggle to hide it in my face.

Fine lines, wrinkles, puffy eyes, dark circles and sallow skin are all visible signs of being too tired and, though you can cover these up with layers of foundation and concealer, it won’t make a difference if you still feel grotty.

When we are asleep our body is resting and lots of important things are going on. The energy we spend thinking , moving and generally being awake is spent on other processes. It’s like internal maintenance to ensure we are working properly while we are awake.

Here’s how sleep can help your beauty routine:

Reduce wrinkles – Skin is the biggest organ and it needs a lot of tlc, especially as we get older. Collagen is what keeps it tight and smooth while we are young and diminishes as we get older ,but replenishes to some extent while we sleep. Moisture is also important as dry skin can lead to fine lines. Sleeping replaces moisture and rests the muscles in the face.

Thicker hair – We loose hair every day and it repairs and regenerates while we are asleep by replacing hair follicles which means thicker hair. As I have never stayed awake forever, I don’t know if it would make you bald but I have no plans to test it out.

Better metabolism – The metabolism is the process in the body that enables us to turn food and fat into energy and helps us to lose weight. If we are awake for longer then we are more hungry and eat more and studies have shown that it increases our weakness for fat and sugar,

Better mood – You always look better if you feel good. Very few people look radiant with a face like thunder and it is hard to feel happy and motivated if you are knackered.

Stronger immunity – Exhaustion means the immune system is weakened and you are more prone to colds and flu which are horrible at the best of times and promise snot, headaches, sore throat, runny eyes and red noses which are never part of anyone’s beauty routine.

Sleep may be free but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to come by. Still consider a bit of extra sleep to be part of your beauty routine and not just a necessity. Even if you only manage it a couple of nights a week it’s a cheap and easy way to look and feel better.



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